Wine Consulting









We will do select wine-based drinks mainly in hotels and restaurants, create menus, service method, management, sales strategy, staff education etc. with highly specialized contents.

We analyze from various angles such as sales and composition ratio of beverages and select wine and champagne suitable for business type based on them. In addition, supervise over details to the parts related to business management such as inventory management and purchasing according to sales.

【Menu creation】
By creating a menu of images that match the store, you will feel comfortable with the drink and will lead to further sales.

【Service method】
We will guide international and international service methods based on the basics. We also consider items such as glassware and wine cooler of the type that matched each drink, taking into consideration the table coordination at the store and the overall coordination.

We will guide proper inventory value management and cost management according to sales budget. We also negotiate with suppliers’ liquor stores and do purchase at low prices.

【Sales strategy】
Based on the list of drinks, we will plan events such as wine and beverage based on the latest items and collaboration plan with seasonal ingredients and dishes.

【Staff Education】
We will teach education to let guests know the enjoyment of the whole drink. In addition to teaching expert knowledge, we will conduct education based on enhancing customer satisfaction such as how to communicate with guests.